Best 4-Person Far Infrared Sauna Reviews 2022

Best Overall

JNH Lifestyles Freedom Canadian Western Red Cedar 4 Person Corner Far-Infrared Sauna

Best Splurge

4-Person Cedar Corner Infrared Sauna w/ 10 Carbon Heaters

Best Value

JNH Lifestyles Freedom Canadian Western Red Cedar 4 Person Corner Far-Infrared Sauna

The 4-person far infrared saunas provide an opportunity in which a group of friends or a family of four can enjoy a healthy time together. These saunas offer endless specs, and the choice depends on the customers’ preferences as well as their budget. Some four-person saunas have some specs but lack others, and it is, therefore, essential for a potential buyer to be specific on priorities they need in a sauna.

The 5 Best 4-Person Far Infrared Sauna Reviews

The idea of a sauna stretches back to the ancient time and the fact that those people had a view of the importance of sweating to humans. Over the years, different people depending on their knowledge as well as the materials available have modified the idea of a sauna.

#1: JNH Lifestyles Freedom Canadian Western Red Cedar 4 Person Corner Far-Infrared Sauna

With ETL certification, this is a good investment sauna for a family or a group of four people. It can be considered as one of the most effective saunas regarding advancement due to the type of heaters that are 8-Carbon Fiber and which function as an infrared, far type of heaters. The JNH Lifestyles sauna weighs 375 pounds,, and this is relatively light.JNH Lifestyles Freedom Canadian Western Red Cedar 4 Person Corner Far-Infrared Sauna

Features and Specification of 4 Person Corner Far-Infrared Sauna

Considering one of the best company in the sauna sphere makes this sauna, it is expected to exhibit a certain level of quality. The following are some of the leading specs and specifications that come with this sauna.

  1. Overall make

The first significant make aspect of this sauna is the double layered walls that are purposely there to enable the sauna to maintain the high temperatures within it and therefore saving energy and resources.  The two layers are made specifically with Canadian hemlock timber that is mostly associated with saunas designed and manufactured by JNH Lifestyles. This assures the consumer of high insulation.

The general space of this sauna is enormous, probably one of the most significant spaces in its category of 4-person saunas.

  1. Operational features

The general controlling of this sauna is elaborate. The sauna is fitted with a digital control panel that helps the user manage vital aspects of the sauna such as temperatures with ease. This is a game changer in many aspects. The digital control panel can also control the duration in which the user intends to spend in the sauna.

The sauna itself has a short time in attaining the optimal temperatures, which ranges from 15-2o minutes. After achieving these temperatures, the sauna can retain the heat for a longer time due to how its make.

  1. Luxury and Comfort

Since it is a 4-person sauna, it has one of the best internal visibility.  This good visibility due to the glass door and well positioned LED bulbs. Apart from the visibility aspect, this sauna has comfortable sitting space thanks to the Canadian timber made sitting space. With the need to bringing a more personalized touch, the sauna has fitted speakers that are premium and a 3.5mm sized plug for music and audiobooks.

Pros and Cons

One of the main advantages of investing in this sauna is its 5-year warranty. This gives the customer the ultimate assurance that the investment is safe. Due to the doubled walls, the conservation of energy is highly efficient with an incredible 50% cut in the running power.  However, with all the luxury and efficiency that this JNH Lifestyle sauna comes with, the heat lost remains an issue. Although minimal and sometimes unnoticed, the door remains an avenue to heat loss.


#2: 4-Person Cedar Corner Infrared Sauna w/ 10 Carbon Heaters

The red colored sauna, made from Canadian cider, is probably one of the most colorful saunas in this class. With a seven-year warranty, it means it is a worthy investment especially for a relative bigger family or a group of friends.  This well-built sauna weighs 397 pounds. This weight mention is essential in case of moving the sauna from one place to another.4-Person Cedar Corner Infrared Sauna 10 Carbon Heaters

Features and Specifications of 4-Person Cedar Corner Infrared Sauna

This particular sauna explores areas that other saunas overlooked or did not incorporate in their looks. It brings a new dimension in the making as well as the general operations and comfort is very different from other saunas.

  1. Overall make

The cider made sauna has an identical make but different in details and color. First, the sauna is made explicitly from Canadian cider that is red. The sauna-like other infrared saunas are double walled and in this case measuring 4 inches. This means, therefore, that heat conservation is factored in the in production. Apart from the double-walled factor, the sauna comes with a roof that has sizable vents that are adjustable. This assures the customer of a well-ventilated sauna bath.

  1. Operational feature

The sauna brings in digital operating systems where the fitted LED control panel is responsible for the adjustment of temperatures and other more exquisite details in the sauna such as oxygen ionizer. Since the sauna incorporates many aspects that are not in mainstream saunas, there is a need for a centralized control panel and the manufacturer Radiant Saunas do not disappoint on this aspect.

  1. Luxury and Comfort

The comfort of this sauna is improved from what a typical 4-person sauna has. During a sauna bath, the air can be unbearable, and the manufacturer of this 4-person sauna solves thus by incorporating oxygen ionizer that is entirely electronic in an attempt to ensure that the sky is pure and fresh.

Pros and cons of this Radiant 4 person Sauna manufactured

This is arguably the most comfortable sauna in the class of 4-person saunas. With a 7-year warranty and a sophisticated system that its main purpose is ensuring that the consumer is satisfied and one that is efficient in the energy consumption, this sauna is a game changer. However, the sauna struggles to attain the maximum temperatures in most of the times. Although many people are not interested in such high temperatures, it is worth noting that there is a small percentage disadvantaged by this factor.


#3: JNH Lifestyles Freedom Canadian Western Red Cedar 4 Person Corner Far-Infrared Sauna

The five years warranty given by JNH Lifestyle on this particular sauna shows the level of confidence on this piece and therefore a worthy investment. Also, it brings a new range of specs altogether although the manufacturers have different makes of 4-person saunas. The following are some of the leading specification and features incorporated in this sauna.JNH Lifestyles Freedom Canadian Western Red Cedar 4 Person Corner Far-Infrared Sauna

Features and Specifications of Cedar 4 Person Corner Far-Infrared Sauna

This sauna provides multidimensional aspects in its features and specs. These aspects stretch from how sauna is physically made to operational options and finally luxury aspects incorporated.

  1. The physical make

The ETL certified sauna comes with advanced carbon heaters that are eight in total.  The infrared heaters assure the customer of effectiveness. Just like most of JNH Lifestyles saunas, this particular piece is made from Canadian hemlock wood. The choice of this wood is due to its resistance to heat and mold as well as its durability. The door is glass made for easy visibility within the sauna.

  1. Operational options available

With complexity regarding features, the sauna needed an elaborate control system. JNH Lifestyle designed this sauna with a working control panel inside the sauna to control temperatures and the exact time to be spent in the sauna bath. This gives the customer the ultimate freedom to control bath and therefore customized in nature.

  1. Luxury and Comfort

This sauna factors in the need for a relaxed musical bath. The two premium speakers that are inbuilt within the sauna gives the users the option to plug in and play the music of their choice through a standard 3.5mm plug.

Pros and cons of using this JNH Lifestyle Sauna

The 5-year warranty is a big plus for such an investment, and this gives the customer the ultimate faith in this product. Apart from the guarantee, the energy consumption of this sauna is worth mentioning. In comparison to the other saunas, the energy consumption is low. This means therefore that apart from the customer getting quality services, the running costs are significantly reduced. However, the door loses some heat over time. This minimal heat loss ends up affecting the overall performance regarding retaining constant temperatures.


#4: JNH Lifestyles Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna 9 Carbon Fiber Heaters 5 Year Warranty

Weighing 350 pounds, JNH Lifestyles sauna is made purposely for four persons, and it is therefore ideal for a family setting or friends committed to having a good time in a sauna bath. With a five-year warranty, the durability and efficiency of this sauna is a guarantee. With ETL certification, it means that the item is well checked and complies with set guidelines and therefore safe to use.JNH Lifestyles Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Features and Specifications of JNH Lifestyles Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna

With a piece of such a budget, the specs and functions of this sauna need to be on point, and the manufacturer does not disappoint. The following are specifics specs of the sauna.

  1. The make

For best insulation, the sauna is made explicitly from Canadian hemlock timber that is known for its quality. The double walled ensures that there is enough heat maintained within the sauna bath. Apart from the specification of the wood used to make this sauna, the heaters are worth mentioning. Unlike the other saunas where heaters are eight infrared heaters, this particular sauna has 9-Carbon Heaters. Since it is designed to accommodate four people, space is big enough and can provide the required number and still be comfortable.

  1. Operational options available

With such a spacious and big sauna, it can be hard to control the sauna manually. This is the reason why JNH Lifestyles designed an LED digital controlling panel that enables the people inside the sauna have control over the sauna details such as temperatures and in some cases the need to increase or reduce the temperatures.

  1. Luxury and Comfort

One of the most notable luxury aspects is that the sauna is spacious. This is an important buying aspect as long as the comfort is concerned. The sauna manufacturer also considered the need to have a musical sauna bath and therefore incorporated the premium speakers that allow people to listen from their favorite music from any device as long connected to a standard 3.5mm plug.

Pros and cons of using this sauna

The sauna has one of the best designs of backseats in this class of saunas. It is, therefore, more comfortable than the average four-person sauna. It is also relatively light and therefore comfortable transporting from one place to another. Although the sauna is supposed to reach high temperatures, it struggles to go past 116 degrees, and this has a big effect on the general efficiency of the sauna bath.


#5: SA2420DX Tuscon Monticello 4 Person Infrared Sauna

Manufactured by HeatWave, this sauna is a perfect investment for customers that want more than just a regular sauna bath. It weighs 464 pounds, and this means that the sauna is relatively heavier than other saunas of the saunas class.  Considering the internal space, the sauna is a perfect option for a four people sauna bath.SA2420DX Tuscon Monticello 4 Person Infrared Sauna

Features and specification of SA2420DX Tuscon

As earlier mentioned, this is one of the more sophisticated saunas in the sauna market. It incorporates different aspects to give the customers a perfect blend of goodness without compromising the quality of the sauna bath. These features include the following.

  1. The sauna make

Unlike other saunas in this category, this sauna has ten carbon heaters that function perfectly well. Apart from the heaters, the sauna is hemlock timber built, and it is therefore strong enough. The sitting space is well made and comfortable. For better visibility, the sauna has fitted interior lights that enable people to see each other well. Apart from these basics, the sauna comes with am ionizer for better oxygen in the sauna and this is important since sometimes it can be uncomfortable due to lack of fresh air. It is also worth mentioning that the towel hooks are well positioned and are easily accessible.

  1. Operational options available

The sauna has two control points, outside and inside. The digitalized LED control panels are strategically placed in the sauna as well as outside the sauna. This aspect is a game changer since most saunas do not have the control panel or if present only fit inside the sauna.

  1. Luxury and comfort

Apart from the traditional 3.5mm musical plug, this sauna has a CD player to supplement playing music from a device. The sauna has a rack that the consumers can stock their favorite magazines and books.

Pros and cons of this sauna

With the above specs, there is value for money. The temperatures are easy to attain within the first 20 minutes. This means that the sauna is effective. Apart from achieving the required temperature on time, the comfort aspects of this sauna are worth mentioning, and the manufacturer did a good job. However, the backrest can cause discomfort to users and can, therefore, is a fault to this sauna.


Why 4-person far infrared saunas are the best

There are different classes of saunas depending on the size, but this particular class provides big space than the other, sometimes bigger than the number of people recommended by the manufacturers. Second, almost all these saunas have LED digital controls that are not available in most mainstream saunas. This gives the user the ultimate control over aspects within the sauna. Finally, each sauna is built with specific wood that the manufacturer has invested regarding research, and therefore the customers are assured of good quality pieces that are not only durable but also withstand high temperatures.

In conclusion, these saunas provide the sauna users with a range of excellent specs that are incomparable. They are spacious and can accommodate more than four people although the manufacturers state four as the best number. The small faulty aspects, however, should not discourage a potential user from buying these saunas and rectifiable sometimes by proper usage of saunas.

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