Best Electric Sauna Heater

Best Overall

Finlandia/Harvia FLB-80/KIP-80B Sauna Heater

Best Splurge

TURKU TU90WD-OD Residential 9KW Wet and Dry 240V Sauna Heater

Best Value

VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW Dry Steam Bath Sauna Heater

Going to the gym just to visit the sauna is now a thing of the past, well, for some. Nowadays, it’s a bit easier to set up your home sauna if you have the extra funds for it. And no, saunas are not a luxury and instead, in our opinion, a necessity. 

They bring about a lot of health benefits not just for our bodies but also for our minds. Imagine going home from a hard day’s work and you want nothing but to sweat all of your worries away. These best electric sauna heaters will now make that possible.

It’s the engine of your sauna and you should be keen to research what fits your needs if you want to get the most out of it.


Best Electric Sauna Heater Product Reviews 2022

  1. Finlandia/Harvia FLB-80/KIP-80B Sauna Heater

The first entry on our best electric sauna heater review is none other than the powerful Finlandia FLB-80/KIP-80B Electric Sauna Heater. This is a Finnish made machine by the company Harvia.

What we like to emphasize first is the coverage of this electric sauna heater. It can cover a whopping 425 cubic feet of room, so you’re sure that you’re getting maximum power for your home sauna. 

It operates in 8KW and 240 Volts/1ph. What we also like about this unit is the durable stainless steel frame that’s sure to be rust and corrosion resistant which is much-needed for saunas. The interior of this electric sauna heater is also suitable for either dry or wet usage.

Another cool add-on to this heater is that you may preset your sauna heating time for as much as 8 hours ahead so when you get home or when it’s time for you to relax in your sauna, you won’t have to wait for it to heat up anymore.

This unit comes with sauna stones and the mounted dimensions are 16 inches wide, 11 inches deep, and 24 inches high. 


  • Wide area of coverage
  • Powerful
  • Very durable
  • Preset timer
  • Just the right size


  • May still not be suitable for commercial use despite its coverage


  1. TURKU TU90WD-OD Residential 9KW Wet and Dry 240V Sauna Heater

Next on our list is the well-rounded TURKU Residential Wet and Dry Electric Sauna Heater. As the name indicates this is a wet or dry sauna heater that operates at a sauna room that’s 250 to 450 cubic feet wide. 

It has an external digital type temperature and an operating time of 60 minutes. You may set your temperature range from 104 to 194 degrees F. it is infused with high-grade coated heating elements made of Teflon and the machine has an overheating protection system in place.

Not only is it very efficient and has a wide coverage and temperature range but it’s also quite very safe to use and operate. It operates in 90KW and the heater’s dimensions are 22 ½ inches x 16 inches x 10 ½.

We’re going to tell you upfront that this is one of the most affordable models on our list and this will surely be a great value for your investment. This model also allows for wall mounting and is also built for commercial purposes.

The heater’s capacity should be able to handle 7 or 8 people at the same time. Although the best saunas usually accomadate only 4 people or 6 people. And the external digital controller lets you operate it without having to touch it which adds greatly to its safety features.

This electric sauna heater can handle 30 to 40 pounds of stone and ones it gets to an abnormally high level of temperature, it automatically shuts down.


  • Super safe to operate
  • Great coverage as well
  • Powerful and can be used for commercial establishments
  • External digital controller
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Very affordable


  • May not be very durable


  1. VEVOR Sauna Heater 9KW Dry Steam Bath Sauna Heater

Next on our best electric sauna heater list is the heavy-duty VEVOR Sauna Heater. This internal controller type electric sauna heater can cover an area of 318 to 460 cubic feet. That’s slightly wider than the first two models we discussed so it’s starting pretty well for this unit.

This sauna heater can then accommodate 18 kilograms of sauna stone. It operates in 9kw and has a temperature range max of 90 degrees Celsius. This one is meant for both residential and commercial usage.

This unit is also super durable as it is made of 430 stainless steel which gives it anti-rust properties essential for a sauna heater. It also has a stainless steel heating coil that makes it fast to heat and a power saver due to its anti-oxidation effect system that makes heating simple.

This is a wall-mount design and that makes the dissipation of heat rather even. This unit intelligently detects changes in the temperature, has a mechanical knob to control it, and most importantly, it’s got overheating protection which shuts it down should things get a bit out of control temperature-wise.


  • Super safe to use
  • Got lots of essential features
  • Super durable
  • Powerful heater
  • Very efficient  


  • A bit of a challenge upon installation as it does not have its own power cord and you need to wire it 
  • Does not have an external controller


  1. TURKU TU90WD-I 9KW Residential FIRMER Body Structure Wet and Dry Electric Sauna Heater

The penultimate entry on our best electric sauna heater review is also the second entry from the Turku brand, presenting their Residential Wet and Dry Electric Sauna Heater. 

As the name indicates this is especially meant for home saunas. It’s also quite affordable but don’t underestimate its raw power. Yes, the same as the others it can also cover up to 450 cubic feet of room. 

You may be wondering as to what the main differences are between these cheaper models compared to the one we featured above. Well, to give you a quick summary, it’s the controller type.

The previous one if you can recall has an external digital controller that allows you to operate it without even touching it. This one, on the other hand, only has a built-in knob controller but also its advantage is that it’s got a thermostat that can pretty much adapt to the changes in temperature in your sauna.

Aside from this, it should be pretty much the same set of features with the overheat protection, and everything only this one may be a bit cheaper. Nonetheless, this model might just be exclusive for home saunas unlike the former.


  • Very affordable
  • Fit for any home saunas
  • Powerful 
  • Versatile sauna heater
  • Overheating protection


  • Since it’s also made of Teflon then it might not be as durable as its stainless steel counterpart


  1. ECO LLC 6KW Dry Steam Bath Sauna Heater

The last entry on our electric sauna heater review is no other than ECO LLC’s Dry Steam Bath Sauna Heater. And yes, this unit is a bit smaller than the rest that we discussed so far. But that only makes it perfect for a private sauna in your home.

It’s affordable, not bulky, and powerful enough to cater to your regular sauna needs. At 6kw, it can accommodate an area of 318 cubic feet. This one has a temperature range of 90 degrees Celsius and needs 12 kilograms of sauna stone.

This one is also the heavyweight in terms of durability. It is made of 430 stainless steel and that’s guaranteed to last long and has anti-rust properties. This is a wall-mounted sauna heater and has very even heat dissipation throughout. 

The same as with some of our sauna heaters on the list, this model can also adapt to the temperature needs of your sauna session.


  • Perfectly sized for private saunas
  • Has enough power
  • Very durable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Overheating protection


  • May only accommodate fewer people than you’d expect at a time


Sauna Heater Buyer’s Guide

Here are the aspects that you should look for the next time you decide to buy a sauna heater in general. The products we listed are electric sauna heaters but we know it’s also important for you to know that you have a couple more other options. We only want what’s best for your planned sauna.

Sauna Heater Type

Since our article is about electric sauna heaters then we’re going to discuss it first. Electric saunas, in general, are nowadays quite common for indoor and home saunas. And, for the reasons you expected it to be.

They are cheaper and easier to operate, plus they have a lower maintenance cost. These types of saunas and of course, the electric sauna heaters are widely employed to date.

Also, just like with a lot of modernized and mass-produced devices they sometimes come with a lot of new and exciting features. There are even electric sauna heaters that you may program or control from your smartphone.

They are so easy to use, it’s literally plugged and play. Of course, this comes with some operating costs. As you’d expect, your utility bills will inflate a little bit because of its electricity usage. That’s why it’s important to buy the ones that are energy efficient.

Think of having to use an electric stove in place of your usual gas-powered stove. You’d get a good comparison of what you’d expect in terms of operating costs.

Speaking gas-powered, let’s talk about the gas sauna heaters next. Now, gas sauna heaters are what’s employed by most gyms, spas, and hotels. Contrary to electric sauna heaters that are made for personal use or home usage, these are perfect for commercial use.

They are well suited to handle hours and hours of operation. Although their initial installation may be a bit steep (due to the complexity) they are in the long run the most cost-effective option. 

Also, if we’re talking about cost-effectiveness then you should give infrared sauna heaters a try. Now, this is classified as dry heating and infrared saunas operate differently as air in these saunas aren’t heated but instead, the infrared panels heat you directly.

These types of sauna heaters are now gaining popularity, they are easy to set up and install, plus they have low operational costs. However, there are a few health risks involved with it like overheating.

Last but not the least, the traditional wood-heated saunas. These are for purists and sauna aficionados. Its initial installation is simple and won’t cost as much but has a bit higher operational costs than the other types on our list. 

This is OG or old school and it works by burning wood on an enclosed frame to heat the sauna. People just love the smell of wood and most say that this is the best sauna experience ever. IT sure sounds a bit fancy, don’t you think?

Through these different types of sauna heaters, you now have an initial idea of which one you can handle in terms of cost both initially and in the long run.

Size, Capacity, and Durability

We’re talking about the size of your sauna as that would be a determining factor of the capacity of the heater that you are supposed to employ. Take note that the capacity of a sauna heater is measured in stone capacity and naturally as that goes up so does the power of your heater.

Also, we would like to emphasize that for sauna heaters, especially for electric sauna heaters, having one with stainless steel enclosure is still the best way to go. They are durable, rust, and corrosion-resistant and will give you a long service life.

Heat Up Time

In some traditional saunas, you have got to wait a few hours for them to heat up. But not with electric type sauna heaters. They are almost instantly heated up and ready for you.

Normally, you’d have to wait for up to 15 to 20 minutes but not with these. If you should know, traditional wood saunas are the longest to heat up, gas-powered ones are next, and lastly, the fastest one is our electric type sauna heater.


As discussed earlier, there are types of sauna heaters that are easy to install initially. So check in with your motivation as to why you built one in the first place and your expertise, budget, and patience when you install one. There is more than one way to install or assemble sauna heaters.


The last few things you need to consider are additional features that may make your sauna experience better and more convenient. But sometimes, having some add-on features are counter-productive for sauna heaters as they just tend to lure buyers into settling for cheaper models. So be sure to be extra vigilant, and you must check out lists, such as ours.

Also, if you’re going for a good-looking sauna then look for a sauna heater that will accommodate your aesthetics. After all, you want to be one with nature when you go to a sauna, so look for something that would make it as natural as possible in terms of design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there any risks when it comes to sauna heaters?

Answer: None really. You just need to use common sense not to touch it when it’s of course, hot or still operating. It’s not the sauna heaters that you should be concerned about but your exposure to it or the temperature it operates in. Set it up that in such a way you can handle it regularly. Also, sauna heaters won’t cause any health problems. And be sure to choose only from the trusted brands like the ones on our list.


Question: What are the benefits of having a sauna?

Answer: There are tons of health benefits for visiting a sauna regularly. No matter what type of heating system you have installed. Visiting a sauna once in a while helps reduce any risk of heart conditions. It also helps in some skin problems and even reduces anxiety. When you visit a sauna on top of exercise it is almost guaranteed that you’re going to get a good night’s sleep after.


Question: How often should I be in a sauna?

Answer: It is recommended to visit a sauna 2 to 3 times a week. But take note to limit your sessions at 15 minutes at most. This is to ensure that you won’t suffer from any of the side effects. Also, be sure to leave once you get dizzy or adjust the temperature accordingly.


Final Thoughts

These are some of the best electric sauna heaters that you can get your hands on today. These are efficient, cost-effective, and powerful enough heaters that should give your sauna rooms what they need to pamper you.

Sauna sessions are 15-minute breaks that we need from our busy lifestyles. And if you think it’s too much then think otherwise for you only deserve the best. It’s one of those things that can heal our body and relax our minds at the same time.

Of all the benefits a sauna brings to our lives, it’s hard to decide against it. So live a healthy life, and sweat all of that anxiety away!

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