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Visiting the sauna regularly is extremely beneficial for our bodies. This activity does a lot of good for our health and at the same time reduces stress and anxiety that keeps us relaxed for a significant amount of time plus it even helps us sleep well at night.

But, we bet that your sauna visits can use a little bit of boost in terms of comfort, relaxation, and style. Introducing, the best sauna backrests. This is the perfect tool to accommodate the natural arc of your back to keep you comfortable throughout your session.

Give our list a quick scan, who knows, maybe you didn’t realize that you needed one.


Best Sauna Backrest Product Reviews 2022

  1. HSE Cedar S-Shape Sauna Backrest

The first entry on our best sauna backrest review is the HSE Cedar S-Shape Sauna Backrest. This backrest is made from the coveted red cedarwood from Canada. This is quite a beautiful piece of wood, durable, plus it’s the same type of wood that’s traditionally utilized on most saunas.

The S-shape of this backrest ensures that it will blend right in on your sauna. The ergonomic S-shape also feels good on your back and you may not want to leave the sauna once you sit on it. Also, the curved backrest is not just for comfort nor style. It is also designed that way should you decide to go on infrared saunas, then you have some covering from the infrared panels.

So basically, this sauna backrest won’t just make you comfortable in your sessions but keep your health in check too. This backrest has a natural aroma, it has a distinct color, and most of all it is naturally resistant to moisture which means you get added protection from bacteria that develops on saunas.

This sauna backrest comes fully assembled and is ready for use anytime.


  • Moisture, mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant
  • Comfortable shape and design
  • Protection from infrared panels
  • Does not develop an odor
  • Easy to clean


  • May not be as durable as advertised


  1. Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest

Next on our list is the Dynamic Sauna Store’s Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest. The same as with our previous entry, this is an S-shaped backrest that will surely accommodate the curvature of your body.

Never again be uncomfortable, as sometimes those sauna benches are not that easy on your back. This is made out of hemlock wood so you’re certain that you are investing in something durable and you’ll definitely get the most out of your money.

What’s best is that this type of wood material is naturally stain resistant. While that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to clean it at all, at least you won’t have to every time. It’s also understandable that this backrest is also dirt-resistant and that it can withstand all the elements within your sauna.

The dimensions should fit a wide range of sizes so it’s a surefire way to make yourself more comfortable when you spend some time in the sauna.


  • The wood material used is guaranteed to be durable
  • Design will fit right in your sauna
  • Stain-resistant
  • Comfortable and very good curvature for the back


  • A few complaints of skin discomforts because of the wood 


  1. JNH Lifestyles Ergonomic S-Shape Backrest

The next item on our best sauna backrest review is JNH’s Lifestyles Ergonomic S-Shape Backrest. As the name of this item indicates, this is one of the most ergonomic backrests from our list. While it is also designed with an S-shape curvature this one is just a tad more comfortable when we tried it.

It’s made from Oak which is known to be really durable and infused with strength but at the same time, has a smooth feel to it that adds to the things we like about it. This backrest can withstand any condition inside the sauna and is sure to last for a very long time.

It’s actually quite perfect for those who are suffering from back pain and should you want to relax inside a sauna for a few minutes. This backrest is also compatible with infrared saunas design and you won’t have problems setting it up.

It has a solid structure, made out of excellent workmanship, and at the same time completely ergonomic. It might just be the best on our best sauna backrest list. 


  • Extremely durable wood material
  • Offers great comfort for your back
  • Easy to establish on any sauna
  • Trusted brand


  • The joints on this backrest are its weak spots


  1. Radiant Saunas Deluxe Sauna Accessory Kit

Our last two products are from the same brand which is testament enough of its reputation and quality. The first one we are going to discuss is not just a backrest but a complete set, just because we think it’s important for you to know that yes, a complete accessory kit is available in the market for your sauna.

We’re talking about Radiant Saunas’ Deluxe Sauna Accessory Kit. First of all, this set comes with a headrest, leg rest, backrest, magazine rack, and then a combination of a robe, towel, or drink holder. 

All components are ergonomically designed to accommodate your entire body. Now, you just don’t go to the sauna to sweat it out but at the same time, you’re going to have a lot of comfort from head to toe, literally.

The different components are designed to conform to the curves of your body and the convenient holder should be one cool to have accessory whenever you hit the sauna.


  • Everything you need for a sauna visit
  • Ergonomic design is good for your posture
  • Nicely finished wood
  • Moisture and heat resistant
  • Durable 


  • Can get a bit pricey


  1. Radiant Saunas Universal Sauna Backrest

The last entry on our best sauna backrest review is no other than Radiant Saunas’ Universal Sauna Backrest. This backrest is made out of the very well-known and durable hemlock wood so you’re assured that you’ll get the most out of it.

Part of its durability lies in its ability to handle all the moisture and heat which is present constantly in saunas. Not only that, but the bracing on this backrest also adds another layer of protection from extreme heat should you want to be a bit more comfortable inside and you can’t control the temperature. 

This backrest handles humidity very well too. It’s a bit self-cleaning as it can handle bacteria naturally and would prevent any mold or mildew from developing. Take note though that you still need to clean it regularly. 

Another great thing about this backrest is that it comes assembled and is easy enough to reposition. You won’t have problems with this backrest should you move around a little when you’re sitting on it.

This is ideal for people of all ages and if you’re suffering from any back pains. Surely, a great product to try.


  • Durable hemlock wood material
  • Comes assembled
  • Easy to position for your back
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Very comfortable


  • The seat itself can get a bit slippery


Things to consider when buying a sauna backrest

When it’s health that we are talking about then we need to make sure that the products we choose are of top-quality and have features that benefit us the most. Here are some aspects you need to consider when buying your next sauna backrest.

Design and comfort

You need a sauna backrest that’s designed to accommodate the arch of your back. Remember to purchase a backrest that’s your size or else you won’t fit on it and you won’t be very comfortable with it. 

Consider its curvature, an S-shape design is always very popular. There’s also the versatile wedge shape design that people love. 

Sauna backrests whether you are getting the portable ones or a set comes in all sorts of wood color. It’s great if you can get something that would match your sauna’s aesthetics.

Material and durability 

Almost all of the sauna backrests sold are made of wood. What you need to consider that most are wood material that can withstand the elements inside a sauna. Take note that saunas are constantly in extreme heat and there’s going to be moisture all the time.

So make sure to get a sauna backrest that can handle both high and low temperatures and not break plus something that can take on humidity. 

As well all know, moisture can a breeding ground for bacteria. Mold and mildew may also develop so be sure to buy one that’s resistant to these. There are self-cleaning sauna backrests too that are low maintenance. 

The best materials for a sauna backrest are those that resist bacteria naturally. Also, find a durable wood material. Some may cost a bit more but they should be well worth the investment. Most of the time, those wood materials that possess that the characteristics we just enumerated above are also very durable.

Buy one that won’t easily break on you and be a waste of investment. 

Ease of installation (if any) and maintenance

There are portable and single-person only backrests and there are backrests available that for the entire bench.

Usually, the latter is the type that would require some installation. Naturally, we would advise you to buy the ones that would fit the aesthetics of your sauna perfectly as well as those that are easy to install.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt should you decide to get those sauna backrests that would need minimal cleaning. To be honest, we prefer the portable ones as they are easier to clean as part of it is you’re the only one who uses it. And also, they won’t require any installation. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the health benefits of a sauna backrest?

Answer: Not all sauna benches are ergonomic so you’d need a sauna backrest to augment that. Sauna backrest would help alleviate or prevent any neck, shoulders, or back pain. And we all know how uncomfortable those can be. Sitting for a good 15 to 20 minutes in the sauna with a backrest adds another layer of comfort.


Question: What’s the best wood material for sauna backrests?

Answer: There are all sorts of wood materials used for sauna backrests. Mahogany, Teak, and Oak. But perhaps the most coveted wood materials are pine and cedar. These types of wood are just ideal for a sauna environment where there’s a lot of moisture and constant extreme heat.


Question: How to properly clean sauna backrests?

Answer: Most sauna backrests no matter the brand is easy to set up and clean. Just the usual water and soap once in a while if you’re not the only one using it would suffice. Check for any care instructions if there’s any when in doubt.


Question: What are the health benefits of visiting the sauna?

Answer: Visiting the sauna regularly has been shown to improve heart health for many. It also reduces anxiety which helps people get a good night’s sleep. Skin rejuvenation as well as weight loss, and better blood circulation are also some beneficial side effects of sauna visits.


Question: What’s the recommended frequency of sauna visits?

Answer: Yep, there sure is such a thing as too much sauna. Actually, you won’t need a lot of time in the sauna, 15 minutes is what’s generally recommended. Maybe visit it 2 to 3 times a week though. Ask your doctor for any advice should you have special medical conditions.


Final Thoughts

There are reasons why people love going to the sauna. It enables you to relax and at the same time help sweat out body toxins and calories in a short period and at the same time with minimal efforts. 

It’s a place where you get to heal not just your body but also your mind. When it comes to our health, we just can’t hold anything back. We need to go all out so we don’t suffer from illnesses prematurely. 

That’s all the more reason why we should make the most out of our sauna sessions. Bring only the best sauna backrest with you and take relaxation and comfort to the next level. If you want an easier option, check out our portable infrared saunas here.

If you’re considering buying a new sauna for your home, check out our in-depth guide on the best infrared options or if you’re looking for a small option that fits only 2 people check out this guide.

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