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Want to lose weight quicker from your workouts? A sauna suit might be the answer for you.

To demonstrate what sauna suits can do for you, we’ll have a look at what we consider the 5 best sauna suits out there. We’ll give you an in-depth overview of each so that you know what we are dealing with.

Then, we’ll also have a look at the scientific side of things. More specifically, we’ll talk about the promises of sauna suit sellers and whether or not sauna suits actually benefit you in any way.

But for now, let’s try to understand what each of the shortlisted sauna suits has to offer!

5 Best Sauna Suits

Kutting Weight Sauna Suit

Kutting Weight Sauna Suit

Kutting Weight makes a lot of claims about their sauna suit that may particularly interest some people.

Most importantly, this piece of gear is claimed to increase metabolism by up to 20.8% and facilitate weight loss by up to 40.4%. In fact, Kutting Weight claims that the gear is proven to deliver these benefits. To be fair, we are always skeptical when sellers make such claims, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try this suit to see how it works for you.

The Kutting Weight sauna suit is made from elastic neoprene. Even though this sauna suit is skintight, it should be comfortable even during rigorous workout thanks to its elasticity.

Notably, the Kutting Weight sauna suit has breathable mesh sides and underarm areas. Although you do want to sweat a lot to lose more weight, the mesh might make your workouts a little bit easier on you.

This sauna suit promises great longevity as well thanks to the triple-reinforced stitching.

In the end, the Kutting Weight sauna suit is a very decent option if you want to exercise comfortably. But the price of this suit may be a deal-breaker for some people.


  • Breathable sides.
  • Very comfortable to work out in.
  • Triple-reinforced stitching.
  • Claimed to promote metabolism and weight loss.


  • Pricey.

Wonderience Sauna Suit Top

Wonderience Sauna Suit TopIf you’d like more compression, then this sauna suit top by Wonderience may be a good option for you. This top has some elasticity to allow you to more or less freely move around, but it’s not as unrestrictive as the Kutting Weight sauna suit.

What might particularly interest some people in this sauna top is its compression. This thing works a bit like a corset – it should provide you with support in the abdominal and spinal areas.

For a little added comfort, this sauna vest is somewhat breathable as well.

One thing some people may dislike about this sauna vest is its limited coverage. It might be more comfortable than full suits like the one by Kutting Weight, but it will only allow for increased sweating in the torso area.


  • Lightweight vest-like design.
  • Provides compression to the spine and abdomen.
  • Fairly breathable.


  • Only covers the torso.

RDX Sauna Suit

RDX Sauna SuitThis sauna suit by RDX falls roughly in the same price category as the Kutting Weight sauna suit. With that said, the RDX suit has a few things that set it apart.

First off, the RDX sauna suit appears not to be as breathable as the Kutting Weight suit. At least, it doesn’t have any underarm mesh areas. What this may imply is that the RDX will get more sweat out of you.

What may also interest you is that RDX has employed flat-lock stitches in this sauna suit, allowing for seamless edges between the sections of fabric. To further enhance comfort, this sauna suit is made from stretchy neoprene. Thanks to this fabric, you could expect this sauna suit to deliver unrestricted movement during exercise.

For durability, RDX boasts a triple-reinforced build as well.

As it was with the Kutting Weight sauna suit, the RDX suit isn’t very pocket-friendly. But if you want to quickly lose weight before a competition, this suit could be a great option.


  • Stretchable neoprene fabric.
  • Flat-lock seams for a comfier fit.
  • Triple-reinforced material.


  • Pricey.

2Fit Heavy-Duty Sauna Suit

2Fit Heavy-Duty Sauna SuitWant a portable sauna/steam room? Then the 2Fit sauna suit may be an excellent option for your needs.

As you could’ve noticed, this sauna suit drastically differs from the previous ones. Most importantly, this suit covers your entire body from feet to neck. It even has a hood to cover your head! As a result, you could expect this suit to make you sweat quite a lot.

The 2Fit sauna suit is fairly comfortable as well. It’s not skintight, but it nonetheless shouldn’t slip due to the rubberized interior lining. And to allow for a better fit, this sauna suit has elasticized arm cuffs with Velcro straps and zippered leg closures.

What 2Fit also boasts about is the tear-resistant fabric that should be able to withstand rigorous exercise.

With that said, this sauna suit might not be the comfiest option on our list for exercise with a wide range of motion. It’s not skintight and isn’t as stretchy as some other options on our list, meaning that it probably won’t be the best option for workouts where you need to stay flexible.


  • Covers the entire body, including the head.
  • Rubberized inner lining.
  • Tear-resistant fabric.
  • Elasticized cuffs for a better fit.


  • Perhaps not the best option for rigorous exercise.

4Fit Heavy-Duty Sauna Suit

4Fit Heavy-Duty Sauna SuitAnd lastly, we have the 4Fit heavy-duty sauna suit, which is very similar to the 2Fit sauna suit we’ve just overviewed. In fact, aside from the hood, the two sauna suits appear to be identical. There are some minor details in their appearance that differ, but these don’t matter much.

The 4Fit sauna suit has familiar features, including rubberized interior lining for anti-slip wearing, elasticized cuffs with Velcro straps (on the arms), zippered leg closures, and tear resistance.

Likewise, the 4Fit heavy-duty sauna suit will deliver a similar sauna performance to the 2Fit sauna suit.

But again, not as flexible as some other sauna suits on our list, the 4Fit sauna suit might not be the best option for workouts where range of motion is critical.


  • Covers the entire body.
  • Rubberized inner lining.
  • Tear-resistant.
  • Elasticized cuffs for a better fit.


  • Not the best option for rigorous exercise.

What Is A Sauna Suit?

Now, what is a sauna suit exactly, and why should you care about it?

A sauna suit is a garment that is designed to make you sweat. The name of this garment comes from its ability to induce profuse sweating, just like saunas do.

A traditional sauna suit consists of a jacket and pants. That is, a classical suit covers the entire body except for the head, arms, and feet. The leg and arm cuffs along with the neck opening are typically elasticized to trap heat inside the suit and promote sweating further.

Sauna suits are commonly used by athletes who want to quickly cut weight in order to qualify for the desired weight class in their sports discipline. Sauna suits work because by inducing sweat, they make you lose a lot of water and with it weight.

This, of course, implies dehydration, but it’s usually short-term – after their competitions, athletes usually return to their regular training and diet schedules without sauna suits.

So for athletes, the benefits of sauna suits are pretty clear. But what about people who just want to lose weight? Will a sauna suit work for them?

Can A Sauna Suit Help You Lose Weight?

So can a sauna help you lose actual weight? Not water weight, but fat weight? It seems that they can.

A November 2017 study by the American Council of Exercise has explored the effects of sauna suits on a few health metrics, among them fat percentage. It turns out that in those participants of the study who wore a sauna suit during their workouts, body fat decreased by 13.8%, while the exercise group that worked out in regular attire only lost 8.3%.

Aside from that, it has been found that sauna suit users had lower blood sugar levels (7.7% vs 2.1% reduction), lost more total body weight (2.6% vs 0.9%), and improved metabolic rate even while resting (11.4% improvement vs 2.7% decrease).

There have been some other metrics where sauna suit wearers have shown improvement, like improved VO2 max (11.7% vs 7.3%), but for the average reader, these won’t matter as much.

Researchers have attempted to explain the positive results of sauna suits by heat stress. Cardiovascular endurance apparently improves when the body acclimatizes to heat, which, if true, explains why the sauna suit group has shown better results in weight loss and metabolism.

By the way, Kutting Weight sauna suits have been used in this study. Maybe this is why Kutting Weight is so confident when claiming “proven results”. And it appears that they haven’t been lying, though maybe they aren’t referring to this particular study since the numbers are different.

Keep in mind that this is just one study and that there are overall very few studies covering the benefits of sauna suits. Being a non-profit organization, the American Council of Exercise is unlikely to have been biased, but we’d like to see more research to be absolutely sure of the benefits of sauna suits.

Sauna Suits Aren’t A Magical Pill For Your Problems

If you want to lose body fat, please do remember that a sauna suit isn’t going to be a magical pill for your issues. A sauna suit will work only if you are willing to make an effort to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

If you do this, you can see results even without a sauna suit. A sauna suit can improve fat loss and also perhaps motivate you to exercise harder. But alone, with little exercise and poor diet, a sauna suit will do nothing for you.

If you are after rapid weight loss, then be very careful as well. When using a sauna suit, do not limit your water or food intake to lose more pounds. Athletes can do this because the rapid weight loss period doesn’t last long, and even then, such weight loss isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world.

Unless you are looking to quickly cut weight to qualify for a weight category in your sport, optimize your diet and training sessions rather than try to lose weight by severely cutting back on water or food – this will likely bring better long-term benefits.

Things To Look For In The Best Sauna Suit

Now that you hopefully know what to expect from sauna suits, it’s time to talk about some key things to look for while shopping for one. We’ll give you a brief overview of the most important features and explain why and who they would matter to.

Sauna suits are typically made from PVC, nylon, neoprene, or a combination thereof.

Nowadays, the more popular material out of the three is neoprene. Neoprene tends to be elastic, which allows you to stay flexible during exercise and maintain full range of motion.

On the other hand, PVC and nylon are cheaper materials, and they aren’t as good as neoprene. PVC typically rips very easily, while nylon often becomes breeding grounds for bacteria.

Body coverage

Traditional sauna suits cover the whole body. But as you could’ve seen from our reviews, the coverage of sauna suits can differ.

Which would be better – if your entire body was covered or only the torso? Well, this depends on a few things:

  • What kind of suit you are buying. If you are buying a stretchy, skintight sauna suit, then any coverage can work. Even full sauna suits won’t restrict movement. Moreover, the higher the coverage, the better the effects will likely be. But if you are getting a restrictive suit, then full-body coverage may not be ideal.
  • Your goals. If you want maximum weight loss, then a full sauna suit would probably work better. Otherwise, even a vest suit like the one offered by Wonderience will deliver at least some benefit.
  • Your sports discipline. In some disciplines, full-body coverage may be undesirable.

Fit might also be important for you in your sauna suit. And we aren’t talking about sizing – it’s obvious that your sauna suit should be sized right for you. We are talking about how tight the suit’s fit is.

The typical modern sauna suit is skintight. Skintight sauna suits can work great because they will not restrict your movement (if sufficiently elastic, of course). However, not everybody will be willing to expose their body to others.

If you aren’t confident in how your body looks, then you may go for a baggier sauna suit. The weight loss effects should be the same, but do make sure to get a sauna suit made of high-quality materials.

Closure style
The closure style will matter with skintight sauna suits and not so much with others. You can put baggier suits on just like regular clothes, while skintight sauna suits will have to be zippered.

Ideally, the sauna suit should have a front zipper. A zipper is very easy to use, and if placed in the front, it will be easy to reach. Although a sauna suit with the zipper somewhere else won’t be terrible, it certainly won’t be very convenient.

Sauna suits should have some ventilation. Although the purpose of wearing a sauna suit is to induce sweat, overheating is a huge issue in sauna suits.
On one hand, the more breathable the sauna suit is, the weaker its effect will be. On the other hand, a very hot sauna suit will expose you to the risk of overheating. This means that you should get a sauna suit that will not provide more heat than you can tolerate.

Any sauna suit will have at least some breathability. The neoprene material used in sauna suits is usually breathable. But some manufacturers may increase breathability by making mesh areas in the fabric.

Of course, some people will want more breathability than others. If you are sensitive to heat, then get the most breathable sauna suit you can find. But first of all, you may want to consult your doctor – maybe you shouldn’t expose yourself to heat if you have health issues.

Final Words

That’s it for our sauna suit buyer’s guide!

Hopefully, you’ve found a lot of new things in our little post. And most importantly, we hope that you’ve set your expectations right.

Sauna suits can be insanely helpful for weight loss and for workout motivation. However, you should not expect a sauna suit to do all the job for you and solve your problems without effort. For best results, sauna suits require regular exercise and a healthy diet.

If all this sounds fine by you, then go ahead and give one of the reviewed sauna suits a try. They’re all good, although some may be better for your needs than others. This is where our buyer’s guide comes in. Remember about the points we’ve talked about, and pick the best sauna suit based on what you expect and what you need.

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