How to Clean a Sauna Suit

Going to the sauna regularly is a great way to sweat out some of the excess body fat and keep our mind and body both healthy and relaxed. There are a few ways to go about our visit to saunas that would make it extra effective and one of which is by using a high quality sauna suit.

Sauna suits are originally made of rubber but right now there are a lot of nylon coated suits or PVC made ones that are fortunately for us super easy to clean and maintain. You have a couple of ways to go about it, you may hand wash it or use your washing machine.

Here are a few ways on how to clean a sauna suit.

Hand Washing

A lot of people prefer to hand wash their clothing as most of the time this is the more effective way to go about cleaning them. This is especially true to delicate those made of delicate fabrics that washing machines may indiscriminately damage.

Check for labels

As an added precaution before you wash your sauna suits, you have to check any care label that’s on it first. Sauna suits, as mentioned above, are now made out of a different variety of synthetic materials. So one must know how to take good care of his or her suit properly.

A care label should indicate how to do so. If there isn’t any label with text then try to look for symbols instead.

Care with water

You don’t really need to wash your sauna suit after every use but as added care for it, it is actually recommended that spray or soak it in water after a session.

Just simply spray it with water, no scrubbing, wringing, washing needed. Or for example, you may wear it with you in the shower when you wash up. This way the sauna suite gets regular care.

Use your trusted detergent

It is recommended that you wash your sauna suit with detergent once a week should you use it every day. A proper way to go about this is to prepare two tubs of water, one with detergent and the other without.

All you got to do is to soak your sauna suit on the tub with detergent for about 10 to 15 minutes. Gently scrub the sauna suit accordingly if there’s any dirt or grime on it. Then after 15 minutes or so, wash the sauna suit on the other tub of water to rinse it properly.

Hang to dry

Take note that not all sauna suits are advised to hang dry out in the sun. Remember checking the care label? Yep, keep that In mind. 

Whether you wash it with detergent or just with water, it is recommended that you hang it to dry overnight. This should take extra care of the fabric or the material of your sauna suit.

As you can see, washing sauna suits, in general, ain’t that complicated and not that much of a hassle either. So you should not have any reason not to take good care of it properly and regularly. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on sauna suits and spend it more on things that may help you get healthy or lose more weight as much as possible.

Now here are steps on how to clean a sauna suit using your washing machine.

Using your washing machine

The only thing to remember aside from checking the care label; of your sauna suit before washing it, is to make sure to be always gentle with it. What do we mean by that?

Most of the time, it is recommended to only use gentle settings on your washing machine for your sauna suit. And please do take note that spin cycles can be rough on sauna suit fabric and should be avoided at all times.

Again, remember we told you to at least spray or shower with your sauna suit to regularly take care of it? Yep, that goes a long way as that would prevent it to get really smelly or dirty when it comes to washing them with detergent. Also, doing so prevents any bacteria buildup and as we all know, when there is bacteria or germs present on a piece of clothing, odor develops and you don’t want that.

Next is to always use gentle laundry detergent when washing your sauna suit on your machine and only just a little amount. You may wash it once a week if you wear a sauna suit frequently.

Hang to dry once done.

Other recommendations

Do you know that plastic sauna suits are super hard to clean and easily tear? Yep, that’s why we would rather recommend you go with neoprene sauna suits if you can. 

Neoprene suits are more durable and are way easier to clean compared to plastic ones. A combination of hot water and soap is also an acceptable way on how to clean a sauna suit and as much as possible please don’t allow your sauna suits to accumulate any moisture or stay damp for long periods as that would make it a breeding ground for bacteria.


Storing your sauna suits or hanging it in a place where there is consistent temperature is recommended. Hanging relaxes the fabric and does not put unnecessary stress on it which should go a long way for your sauna suit. Storing it in a place with even temperatures promotes longevity for the material.

Again, if you can afford neoprene sauna suits then go get one because it is very effective and worth the investment. Nylon is also quite effective, more than PVC but accumulates bacteria quite fast.

Taking care of your body at all times is commendable, so great job for that! These sauna suits are tools to make saunas more effective and we should take good care of them should we want to get the most out of what we spent.

Stay healthy and have a great day!


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