Best One Person Saunas, Reviews, & Buying Guide

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Dynamic Barcelona Far Infrared Sauna

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JNH Lifestyles MG117HB Joyous 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna

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JNH Lifestyles ENSI Collection – 3 Person Zero EMF Infrared Sauna

There are tons of reasons on why a newbie in the sauna world or a regular sauna user should choose this type of sauna. The reasons include the following.

First, compared to other types of saunas, the one-person sauna is relatively cheap and therefore affordable. This makes it a perfect introduction to infrared saunas as opposed to investing too much in an unfamiliar world. Second, these types of far infrared saunas give a more personified experience, and since they are designed for 1 person, there is more emphasis on the necessary and essential things first such as efficiency as well as incorporating luxury and comfort.  Third, the type of far infrared saunas are cost-effective in the manner they consume power, and they have incredible warranties, and therefore the running cost is tremendously cut down.

The Five Best One Person Sauna Reviews

The following is a list of some of the best 1 person saunas in the market.

#1: Dynamic  Barcelona Far Infrared Sauna

Relatively big that the previous JNH sauna, this particular sauna can accommodate up to two people although the manufacturer recommends 1 person. Built with the great Canadian hemlock wood from natural reforested areas this sauna gives the perfect illustration of being environmentally conscious. It is light and assembling is fast and straightforward. In addition, the Canadian hemlock wood gives it a beautiful design.

DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Features and Specification of Barcelona Dynamic Sauna

We recently reviewed the features and specifications on this sauna. It is designed differently from the other saunas of the same class. Some of the notable features of this particular sauna include the following.

The Make

Constructed with double walls that have the thickest wood, the sauna has the best heat isolation. The heat isolation of this sauna helps it to be able to attain high temperatures within the shortest time and retain the same heat for the period of the sauna bath. A more significant percentage of the interior, as well as exterior, are constructed of wood, and this gives the impression of comfort when using the sauna.

Operational feature

Since it is well isolated, the sauna can attain the recommended temperatures with a record of 15-20 minutes. Comparing this sauna with the traditionally used saunas, it is used without reaching extremely high temperatures that can sometimes damage the skin and the body functionality.

Luxury and Comfort

This sauna can be termed as the most luxurious infrared sauna to use. One can enjoy music straight from their phone or mp3 player thanks to the well-designed system that allows the user to plug in using a standard 3.5mm plug. The seats are comfortable thanks to the soft reforested timber.

Pros of using this sauna
  1. This infrared sauna has the best system for conserving heat thanks to thick doubled walls. The energy lost is minimal and therefore cannot have an overall effect on the sauna.
  2. The sauna is spacious than the other one-person saunas available in the market. This means thus that one can enjoy the sauna birth without space restrictions.
  3. Apart from conserving heat and temperatures from the sauna, the sauna is itself energy efficient. Traditionally, infrared saunas had to hit up to 180 degrees for them to be active and enable the user sweat but this infrared sauna, the 120 degrees are more active and induces more sweat than the others saunas.
Cons of using this sauna

Since the infrared sauna has better rankings regarding low EMF, it is worth noting that low EMF readings are not constant. High EMF readings can be dangerous. Always do more research on your own to find the low EMF options on the market as this changes constantly.

Why we recommend it?

In conclusion, this sauna is worth investing. The issue with unstable low EMF can be rectified by continually using the tri-field meter. However, on the brighter side, it brings many exact specs together for its worth.


#2: JNH Lifestyles MG117HB Joyous 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna

This is arguably the best one-person saunas on the market right now. Designed and made by JNH Lifestyles it is purposely designed for that alone and the healthy benefits of sitting in the comfort of your living room. With a weight of relatively 200 pounds, this heated sauna is the perfect choice for easy mobility. It ranks #2 on our list, because of its great seating space, equipment technology, and controlled heated environment. Decrease toxins reduce your aches and pains, and enjoy the health benefits of detoxification resulting from the use of this quality one person far infrared sauna.

JNH Lifestyles MG117HB Joyous 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Features and specifications of JNH one person sauna

This one person sauna has an incredible five years warranty, and this shows the level of confidence the JNH Lifestyle has on it. It was reviewed very positively for its therapeutic benefits and rheumatism on Amazon by an enthusiastic customer. Some of the notable and crucial features of this sauna include:

The Make

The sauna interior primarily made from wood specifically Canadian timber is well built for comfort and the perfect insulation Hemlock T&G timber professionally known in such high temperatures. The insulation helps in preserving the heat from the infrared sauna and ensuring that the heat does not spread in the living room. Apart from the insulation, the infrared sauna is built with a transparent door made of glass. The glass in the door can withstand high temperatures. This door supplements the light from within the sauna with the surrounding view.

Operational feature

Just like most of the infrared saunas, this particular heated infrared sauna takes around 20 minutes to reach the recommended temperature for relaxation and health benefits. After the speculated time, one enjoys high temperatures in the infrared sauna with minimal energy consumption. Considering the comparatively small size of this particular type of far infrared sauna moving it from one room to another is simple and manageable. It is also built with great technology.

Luxury and Comfort

The JNH Lifestyle designed this specific far infrared sauna not just provide a great experience but also to give the user the maximum comfort. The sauna has preinstalled sound systems, which comprise of two premium speakers and a standard 3.5mm auxiliary plug. This aspect means therefore that one can plug in their phone or iPod and listen to music or audiobook while enjoying an infrared sauna bath. Apart from music, it has LED bulbs for better visibility while in the sauna.

Pros of this sauna
  1. First, assembling the sauna is easy, and one can correctly join it using the provided instructions by the manufacturer.
  2. The energy consumption of this sauna is something worth mentioning. Compared to the traditional sauna, it consumes half of the energy of the other conventional saunas.
  3. The basic functioning of the sauna is something recommendable. With only 20 minutes to heat up, this a game changer regarding efficiency.
Cons of using this infrared sauna

The only weakness of this one person infrared sauna is its size. The interior, although designed with helpful technology, it still has some limitations regarding size. For people interested in interior volume, this is not the best purchase.

Why do we recommend?

In conclusion, this is the perfect purchase and an intro to the far infrared sauna world. As discussed above, it is a pack of great technology with classic modern design and multiple design options. Concerning limitation of the space, it can be solved by using the sauna 1 person at a time. On the bright side, the buyer gets the value for money. It also has some amazing features including high sauna temperature, tempered glass doors, exterior wood planks, digital control, low EMF, and a top of the line infrared heater.

#3: JNH Lifestyles ENSI Collection – 1-Person Zero EMF Sauna

Designed and sold by JNH Lifestyle, this particular sauna is famous for being the only sauna in this class of saunas to be tested zero on EMF readings and therefore Intertek certified. We reviewed it recently and gave it a good status overall. The 407 pounds sauna is relatively small for other class saunas, and it is consequently portable around the living room. According to Amazon, the “Ensi Collection is outfitted with virtually-zero EMF carbon fiber heater panels.”

JNH Lifestyles ENSI Collection - Zero EMF Sauna

Features and Specification of ENSI Collection – Zero EMF Sauna

As a product of the world famous designers and sellers of infrared saunas, JNH Lifestyles, the sauna is a masterpiece. The following is a detailed piece of its notable features.

The Sauna Make

FSC certification on wood making sauna is crucial, and JNH Lifestyles do not compromise on this factor. The sauna is made from pure Canadian hemlock that is known to last longer and comfortable. Unlike other saunas of the same class, the production does not include plywood, and this assures long life. The double wall is the most significant remedy to heat loss in a sauna.

Operational feature

The control options of this infrared sauna are different, and it is digital. This infrared sauna comes with an LED control fully digitalized. This means that one can control all the aspects while inside the sauna and this is a game changer in the sauna world. Like other JNH Lifestyles saunas, the sauna takes the shortest time to gain the required temperatures and therefore saving time for the user.

Luxury and Comfort

When it comes to comfort, this sauna is the best suited for any luxury feature. The sauna has double quality speakers that have an extension of an auxiliary audio plug that allows the user to connect a phone or any device that can play music. The seats are comfortable to sit on, and the lighting of this sauna is excellent LED lighting.

Pros of using this JNH sauna
  1. It gains the required temperatures at a quicker rate compared to other traditional saunas and retains the same temperatures for a more extended period thanks to the double walls of the saunas.
  2. The lifetime warranty gives the user the trust that the sauna is a trusted product and can be repaired or changed in any case of breakage.
  3. Assembling the sauna after purchasing is simple and can take less than an hour.
Cons of using this JNH sauna

Although one of the leading advancement of this sauna is the LED lighting, the sauna does not come with the bulbs. One has to buy the bulbs separately, which sometimes can take time before one starts using the sauna.

Why we recommend this sauna?

In conclusion, with all these advancements by this JNH sauna along with the low EMF, this is a worthy investment for anybody that wants a lifetime sauna and the one that has updated features. The issue of bulbs can be solved by making the sauna purchase together with the lamps to minimize the time that can be lost waiting for the bulbs from the Amazon.


#4: Dynamic “Alicante” one person Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna

This spacious sauna, produced by the world famous DYNAMIC SAUNAS is a sophisticated version of an ideal  sauna because it incorporates space with all the features that lack in any other mainstream sauna. Relatively pricey compared to separate saunas of the same class shows that some elements modified to suit the user need and therefore the difference in price. We reviewed this as #4 in our list of best 1 person saunas. It is a great value for the money. The panels are unique on this design compared to others.

Dynamic "Alicante" Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna

Features and Specification Alicante Bio Ceramic Sauna

As indicated above, it has sophistication regarding built-in features. These features include the following.

The Make

The roof of this sauna has a storage space that can be used by the user to store important things like manuals and magazines. It is worth to mention that the selection of the manufacturing timber is specific to Canadian hemlock. This type of wood is known for quality, comfort, and long life. Apart from the kind of wood used to make this sauna, the manufacturing company incorporates Bio-Ceramic heaters, and these types of heaters ensure that the sauna has a balanced heat distribution.

Operational feature

The sauna does not have a complex system of operation and is arguably the most accessible sauna to operate in any circumstances. Like almost all saunas, this particular piece has quick temperate gain, which is evenly distributed and retained for a more extended period.

Luxury and Comfort

The user comfort is the most significant priority while using this piece. Although the sauna is sold as one-person sauna, it is spacious enough. The music option is also a notable luxury feature. The sauna can play any music from any music source thanks to its universal 3.5mm plug. The temperatures have a limit of 120 degrees that is relatively low than what traditional saunas can go up to and still be effective than them. This feature is a comfort feature.

Pros of using this sauna
  1. It is spacious for a sauna of this statue. This brings comfort to the user.
  2. Concerning the energy consumption, while running this sauna, it is significantly reduced by a more significant percentage. This means that the user not only gets better services but also saves on resources.
  3. The sauna comes with an extra box at the top, which serves as storage.
Cons of using the sauna

The only drawback about this sauna is the assembling. Since it is a significant piece compared to other saunas, it requires more than one person and sometimes can be tiresome.

Why we recommend?

In conclusion, DYNAMIC SAUNAS did a great in the design and the production of this sauna. The advantages of this sauna are elaborate, and for the cons, one can assemble the piece with assistance from another person. The prices are reasonable.


#5: Radiant Saunas – Hemlock Ceramic Infrared Sauna

Manufactured and designed by Radiant Saunas, this sauna brings a different dimension in small infrared sauna world. Designed for personal sauna, the sauna has a relative enough space to hold up to two people.  With various certifications such as ISO 9001, RoHS, CE, and CETL means, that is a tried and tested type of sauna.

Radiant Saunas BSA2400 Hemlock Ceramic Infrared Sauna

Features and Specification of this Radiant Sauna

With the above certifications, the infrared sauna has some of the most exciting features in personal saunas world. These features include the following.

The make

Radiant Saunas known for incorporating Ceramic Heaters, built this far infrared sauna with them and this particular sauna has three to be specific. These three heaters allow the temperatures up to a manageable 141 degrees, which cannot harm the person using the sauna.  The sauna is made explicitly from Hemlock wood that constitutes the most substantial making material. Hemlock wood is a perfect choice for long life and excellent resistance to extreme heat.

Operational feature

Like most infrared saunas, this particular sauna has a short time in achieving high temperatures. An LED control point that simplifies everything controls the operation of this one person far infrared sauna.

Luxury and Comfort

The sauna is fitted with premier speakers that can play any music thanks to the universal plug. It is also worth mentioning that the seats are comfortable to sit on.

Pros of using this sauna
  1. The sauna has a perfect distribution of heat through the sauna.
  2. The sauna can stay for a longer time without getting scratches since it is scratch resistance.
  3. Unlike the traditional saunas, it saves power.
Con of using this sauna
  1. The sauna struggles to attain the maximum temperatures that are 140 degrees.
  2. The backrest is not as comfortable as in other 1 person far infrared saunas although adjustable.
Why we recommend?

In conclusion, this 1 person infrared sauna tries to maximize what the traditional sauna was lacking while maintaining the quality of service that is associated with a personal sauna.

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