5 Best Portable Steam Sauna Reviews

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WYZworks Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna Spa Room

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2l Portable Steam Sauna Tent SPA Detox Weight Loss with Chair Pink

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Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

Confused on which portable sauna to choose? Don’t waste time reading thousands of reviews online or driving to a local store with used car salesmen. Just spend a few minutes on our site, so you don’t end up spending a decent chunk of change, only to return it once it doesn’t work for you. 

If you need to make the purchase fast, we recommend picking the #1 portable steam sauna listed below. After all, it’s #1 because we reviewed hundreds of saunas during our research and decided that it was the best. We love these products and use them in our own lives for the relaxation and health benefits.

Our Research Revealed: Highest Rated Portable Steam Saunas Available In 2022:

#1 WYZworks Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna Spa Room 2L Water Capacity with Headcover and Herb Box

WYZworks Pink Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna Spa Room 2L Water Capacity with Headcover and Herb Box

The WYZworks sauna allows you to tap into the diverse benefits of using a steam sauna. Constant use of the WYZworks sauna enables your body to improve circulation, rejuvenate your skin back to its healthy self, ease muscle pain, and relax your body. The sauna comes with two zipper openings, which allow the hands to be free while performing other tasks during your steam session.

The sauna also comes with a head cover that you can use for facials, which will leave your face and skin feeling hydrated and soft.


  • The sauna is multi-purpose
  • The addition of the face cover for a facial sauna makes this portable sauna stand out


  • The sauna may not be fancy but it works

#2 2l Portable Steam Sauna Tent SPA Detox Weight Loss with Chair Pink

2l Portable Steam Sauna Tent SPA Detox Weight Loss with Chair PinkFor people looking for a high-end steam therapy similar to what you’d find in a room at a spa, the 2l Portable Steam Sauna is what you should obtain. The 2l Portable Steam Sauna uses the benefits of steam therapy to help rejuvenate your body back to its healthy self. Apart from getting a healthier looking skin, you can also achieve a slimmer look since it helps in losing weight.

The lightweight feature of the 2l Portable Steam Sauna makes it perfect for home and business use with a folding chair. You can give your family and clients an opportunity to sweat out toxins in this sauna. The sauna has two zippers, which you can use to place your hands. It also comes with a foldable seat that helps you relax while in the sauna.


  • Comes with a foot massage for extra comfort.
  • Easy to set up.


  • It does not take into account the chilly weather days when the sun cannot be used to generate heat.

#3 Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable SaunaThe radiant portable sauna has a triple-layer material that helps insulate the sauna keeping the heat inside the sauna. The openings available in the sauna are for your head and hands, ensuring you are free to entertain yourself while using the sauna. The radiant sauna uses built-in infrared panels, which generate the heat you use for a steam session.

The use of the infrared panels is different from the other saunas on the list, which use a steam generator. The sauna comes with an adjustable five level temperature setting to help adjust and control heat. This one is nice, because it won’t take up too much space if you set it in your bathroom. This is nothing like a steam room. Steam rooms are more common in spas, where your entire body heats up, including your head.


  • You can adjust the heat temperatures with the help of a remote control
  • The heat source of the sauna is reliable


  • The price of this radiant sauna is expensive in comparison with the other spas on the list

How to choose a Portable Steam Sauna

Like any other product, portable steam saunas are quite popular in the market. This makes it a tedious task for anyone to decide, which hot sauna is best for him or her. Here are a few factors that you can use as a guide to set you up with the the best options when you are on the search to get a portable steam sauna. You’ll see that the price can actually be very affordable, so you’ll get good value for your money.

Light carrying weight:

  • Since we are talking about one portable steam spa, ensure you select a steam sauna that is extremely light. It is extremely tiring to acquire a steam sauna that you cannot carry because of the excessive weight the product may have. A majority of them come in the form of tent making them light and moisture resistant.

Instant set up:

  • Ensure you select a new portable steam sauna that does not take long to set up or pack. The essence of having a portable sauna is for you to carry and use it outside your home with ease. Therefore, the sauna you select should be easy for you to set up and dismantle at will. This will help you enjoy the whole process more.

External source of heating:

  • Unlike permanent saunas, the new portable steam sauna on the market uses the sun to help your body sweat. This becomes a challenge when the weather becomes chilly. Ensure the steam sauna you select comes with an external steam generator.
    The generator will help provide heat to your body even on those chilly days when you need some relaxation. You can also set the exact temperature heating and time you require while inside the sauna.

Product Comfort:

Like any other sauna you might want, your comfort dictates whether you get the most out of every session. A majority of new products come with a chair to ensure you are comfortable when undergoing a steam session. The small size of the hot sauna is crucial to see how well you will enjoy it. Some of the steam saunas also come with large holes to fit your head, which acts as an easy solution for people with claustrophobic issues. This is very different from a steam room where you are entirely inside the steam area. They also have pockets on the outside for you to place your iPod or phone.

Other Saunas We Reviewed That You Should Consider:

AW Portable Large Chair Blue Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna SPA Slim Detox Weight Loss Home

AW Portable Large Chair Blue Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna SPA Slim Detox Weight Loss HomeThe AW steam sauna includes the brand new quality you never get to see on any other portable sauna options. The quality of its material makes the sauna durable and less prone to tear and wear. The sauna is made out of plastic trestle and a cotton cover. The sauna comes with two extra zippers, which you can use to put your hands out during a sauna session no matter how many minutes you spend inside. You’ll see that the price is actually pretty affordable too. It comes with an additional herbal box, which has a special design that you can use to place herbs or essential oils for a steam session. You can place any herbs that you want or need like lavender, angelica, or chamomile.


  • Comes with an additional foldable chair for better comfort while using the sauna
  • You get access to the benefits of a steam sauna therapy like weight loss


  • May take time to heat up and cause you to sweat.

AW Portable Large Chair Red Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna SPA Slim Detox Weight Loss Home Indoor

AW Portable Large Chair Red Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna SPA Slim Detox Weight Loss Home IndoorAnyone who likes privacy understands how valuable a product that is portable and private can be in his or her life. This personal spa can change your life in only a few minutes a day. The AW Portable sauna is the perfect sauna option for people who live privacy when in a sauna steam session. You get to adjust the temperature of the sauna easily with the help of a remote control. The portable sauna comes with a durable 2L steam pot, which helps in the generation of heat.

To ensure you are comfortable, the sauna comes with a large chair to ensure you sit and relax while enjoying the benefits of the steam session in no time.


  • The sauna is durable
  • You get to control and regulate the temperatures of the steam sauna
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Comes with a foot massager


  • It is quite expensive to buy

Why is a portable steam sauna the best option?

The first most notable reason for why the personal steam sauna is the best is its lightweight nature. Most portable steam saunas are made out of plastic, which is light and easy to move around. This aspect makes it easy to assemble, disassemble, and pack the sauna with no difficulties, which I’m sure you want. It also helps people travel and use the sauna outside the comfort of their homes, unlike a permanent spa.

The small size of the sauna is ideal for one person. For people who love traveling with their steam sauna, portable spa come ideally for use by only you. Unlike a permanent spa where large space matters. For portable options, the small size does not matter, because you’ll be sitting inside alone. They are easy to install and take apart. Unlike a used permanent sauna, which require specialists to assemble, the portable sauna is different.

You can easily assemble the sauna yourself without the use of tools to do it right and without spending a ton of time. The price of a portable steam sauna is fairly cheaper in comparison to a permanent sauna. Both options offer the same benefits; therefore, you need to be getting value when purchasing the portable steam sauna. It also serves as the perfect sauna for a person who does not have a lot of space in their house for a permanent sauna.

Choosing one of the at home options from our guide will save you a lot of time and money, because we have already done all of the in-depth research for you. We have a variety of small and large options listed above. Some of these heat up really fast and others take a little longer. If you’re looking for a new way to relax after a hard days work, simply purchase one of the great products above. Once you get a home spa in your room, it will make you want to spend a few minutes every day relaxing in it.

History of Steam Saunas

The use of steam as a body healing therapy began during the ancient periods. It slowly grew over the years and became one of the best ways to maintain and improve a person’s good health without the use of modern medicine. The use of personal steam saunas is the perfect way to attain a healthy, glowing, and relaxed skin without using medicine or other items like creams.

Portable steam saunas are the perfect and economical way to enjoy benefits of the steam therapy at the comfort of your home and with privacy. The benefits of the portable steam sauna are just like those of a full-size steam sauna. Portable steam saunas help improve the body’s blood circulation. It also increases the cardiovascular activity of your body by allowing the blood vessels to dilate.

Using the portable steam sauna daily or twice a week helps in the management of stress. It also assists in improving your overall health and feeling better. To use the portable steam spa at home, you simply sit inside for a few minutes until you begin to sweat. After which you remain in your personal spa until the cleansing and detox process is complete.

Review Conclusion

To experience the wonder and benefits of a personal steam sauna in the privacy of your room, buying a radiant sauna will help. For people who love their personal space and time, a sauna guarantees you a quiet and peaceful steam session as you reap the health benefits of steam therapy. Above we have reviews for the best at home spa on the market today and hope that we made your search easy! Which one you pick for your home is based on your personal preference and features that you want, but we still reviewed them to help you easily make the decision. Check out some of the new products on Amazon to see which get free shipping and offer a good value for your money.

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